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Sarge/beta-3 on a RS6000/7025-F50 (PPC 604e, CHRP)

Hi Sven,

Eventually successfull installation of Sarge on the
After few tries I found that auto-boot can be done
using a PReP partition.
So I think you can leave the vfat out of the initrd
and try to put the option of creating PReP partiton.
Thanks for the help.

Now I have to check:
1. Install yaboot on sda1. Someone knows if yaboot
works on this boxes.
2. When I start GDM the screen turns to black and the
CPU is 99.9% w/ XFree86 process. My card is MGA G200
PCI. I have no idea why. Maybe V4 is not supporting
this card ?? Bug in the mga driver? Conf error....

Procedure for the record for others:
During the installation select manual partition.
First!!! create a 4MB unused partition at the begining
of sda (I understood that this is the size otherwise
it won't work). After that create your own
partitioning (mostly it will be the swap and ext3 for
the /)
After base installation, reboot
On the OF prompt
o > boot cdrom:\vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2
NOTE: "cdrom:\vmlinuz" is the
burned on a CD ISO9660 format.
and "root=/dev/sda2" is presumed your / partition that
you created just before.

When the installation finish and you reboot again.
At the SMS level:
Choose the disk you want to boot.
Go to OF prompt (F8)
o > printenv boot-device
Check the output
o > setenv boot-device <previous output>:1
BTW: I found that the disk I use has an alias named
"disk". To check that run
o > devalias

o > setenv boot-file root=/dev/sda2
NOTE: root=/dev/sda2 is presumed your / partition that
you just created.

You still have to boot from the cdrom
With the new system up; run
# cfdisk (BE CAREFULL). Change type of sda1 to PReP
# dd if=/boot/<your vmlinuz> of=/dev/sda1



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