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Resetting OpenFirmware to use gfx card instead of serial console?

Hi all,

Apologies if this is too much OT. I am still trying to get my 43p-150 to
boot. A while back I had removed the graphics card (GXT3000) and worked
through the console since then. Last night I put it back in and now
OpenFirmware will no longer ask me if I want to use the console or the
video card as output. Is there any way I can tell OpenFirmware to use
the graphics card? Below is the output from printenv. As you can see the
input & output device is set to com1 although it will bring up CDE when
I boot the currently installed Aix. How can I change it to use the
graphics card again so I get the SMS menu etc. back on my monitor? 


0 > printenv
-------------- Partition: of-config -------- Signature: 0x50
ibm,fw-keyswitch         normal              normal
ibm,fw-dc-select         1d4e                0
ibm,fw-mouse-device      /pci@80000000/isa@b/8042@i60/mouse@1 nomouse
ibm,fw-default-mac-address? false            false
ibm,fw-hrp-memmap?       true                true
ibm,fw-xoff-enable? *    true                true
ibm,fw-pnp-isa?          true                true
ibm,fw-obe-audio?        true                true
ibm,fw-full-memory-test? true                true
ibm,fw-n-bretry          00                  00
ibm,fw-n-tretry          00                  00
ibm,fw-n-dbfp            00000000            00000000
ibm,fw-n-dafp            00000000            00000000
ibm,fw-n-rc              A                   A
ibm,fw-n-ru              Y                   Y
-------------- Partition: common -------- Signature: 0x70
little-endian?           false               false
real-mode?               true                true
auto-boot?               true                true
diag-switch?             false               false
fcode-debug?             false               false
oem-banner?              false               false
oem-logo?                false               false
use-nvramrc?             false               false
ibm,fw-tty-language      1                   1
real-base                c00000              c00000
real-size                400000              400000
virt-base                -1                  -1
virt-size                400000              400000
load-base                4000                4000
screen-#columns          64                  64
screen-#rows             28                  28
selftest-#megs           0                   0
boot-device              /pci@80000000/scsi@10/sd@2:2
boot-file *
diag-device              /pci@80000000/scsi@10/sd@2:2
diag-file *              diag                diag
input-device             com1                /pci/isa/serial
output-device            com1                /pci/isa/serial
boot-command             boot                boot
security-#badlogins      0                   0
security-mode            none                none
menu?                    false               false
ibm,dasd-spin-interval   2                   2
bootinfo-aix             /pci@80000000/scsi@10/sd@2:3
ibm,fw-0004ac31108c      100,full
ibm,os-auto-restart      0

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