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Re: Fan control on ibook2

> >You are welcome to consolidate these into a single driver allowing
> >userland access to those values & finer thermal control :) A bit
> >like Colin Leroy did for the recent models ...
> I'll try to make some steps in this direction ASAP.
> Thanks for the informations.

For kernel 2.6, you can try this patch and maybe use it as a base. It adds
support for ADM103x to the therm_adt746x driver. However it is completely
untested, not even compiled, and lacks features such as manual control and
fan speed measurement.
If it doesn't work, any patch would be welcomed :)

the chips docs can be found at

In this patch i made a few assumptions about sensor locations. ADM1030 has
two (local and remote), i considered local=cpu and remote=gpu; ADM1031 has
three (local, rem1, rem2), i considered rem1=cpu, rem2=gpu, as it is the
case for iBook G4 and 2003 AlBooks.

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