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Re: Resetting OpenFirmware to use gfx card instead of serial console?

Patrick said:
> Apologies if this is too much OT. I am still trying to get my 43p-150 to
> boot. A while back I had removed the graphics card (GXT3000) and worked
> through the console since then. Last night I put it back in and now
> OpenFirmware will no longer ask me if I want to use the console or the
> video card as output. Is there any way I can tell OpenFirmware to use
> the graphics card? Below is the output from printenv. As you can see the
> input & output device is set to com1 although it will bring up CDE when
> I boot the currently installed Aix. How can I change it to use the
> graphics card again so I get the SMS menu etc. back on my monitor?

The general way is to power off, unplug (or plug in if not plugged in)
the mouse or keyboard, and power on again.  The firmware should detect
the configuration change and prompt on all detected consoles (serial,
GUI) which one to use.  Press the number requested and enter on the
graphics console when prompted.....

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