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Re: Kernel Newbie Needs Help

> 1) Which kernel absolutely supports iMac hardware and CRT (ie, I can 
> see the entire display on my monitor) while also providing networking?

Depending on what iMac model it is, you may have either a sungem chip
or a tulip chip. Make sure both drivers are built into the kernel.

> 2) What procedure should be taken before upgrading to a new kernel so 
> that iMac hardware is supported?
> 3) How do I unpack and install a *.deb file downloaded via Mac OS X?
> 4) How do I return to 2.6.3 when apt-get refuses, saying it is already 
> updated? 
> Thanks a million.
> Ed
Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>

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