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ibook radeonfb mirroring

	I'm trying to make my ibook mirror its video output on the secondary
CRTC of the  Radeon Mobility M7 LW (7500). I tried using the m7mirror.c
srcs found on the net, modified from m3mirroc.c on

This basically do  ioctl(fd, FBIO_RADEON_SET_MIRROR, &value);
on /dev/fb0.

This does not work on my  2.6.3-rc2-ben1 kernel. After looking in the
sources (drivers/video/aty/radeon_base.c), I found the following (in
the ioctl function):
			if (!rinfo->is_mobility)
				return -EINVAL;

Is this normal ? As far as I understand this means that it is not
possible to set mirroring for mobility cards ? Why ?

I must say that I can clone display using a superposed xinerama layout,
but I lose 3D and mouse is only present on the flat panel.


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