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Re: Kernel Newbie Needs Help

On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> > 1) Which kernel absolutely supports iMac hardware 
> Depending on what iMac model it is, you may have either a sungem chip
> or a tulip chip. Make sure both drivers are built into the kernel.

Here, I enabled CONFIG_BMAC and didn't need anythign else.  Are you saying that
some G3 iMac (CRT) also need CONFIG_SUNGEM to work?  Btw, which of the Tulip
drivers is needed for the other cases?

PS:  is there any page on the penguinppc.org site that lists what drivers are
needed for different PowerMac models?

Martin-Éric Racine, ICT Consultant

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