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Re: Pointers for a ppc newbie?

On (02/03/04 16:59), s. keeling wrote:
> Hi.  I've an iMac that's come to end of life for MacOS and I'm intent
> on slapping Debian onto it.  At the moment, I'm bogging down in lack
> of Mac knowledge.  If anyone can offer pointers as to how these things
> can be done, I'd appreciate it.
>   - How do I burn iso's in MacOS 8.x?  Do I need special software?  [I
>     still need to find a burner I can use on the Mac, so this step is
>     currently non-optimal.]
>   - Failing that - the Mac is on a cable modem.  I have a burner on my
>     Dell laptop.  What do I need to play with to get the mac talking
>     to my laptop while both are plugged into a hub?  Basic LAN
>     routing, yeah, but Apple networking's a fairly gray area for me.
>     I'm running the stock Debian 2.4.18-1-686 kernel, so I assume
>     there's a network driver module here that can talk Apple
>     networking (aka, Appletalk?)?
>     If I can at least dl iso's to the Mac, then cp them to the laptop
>     and burn them there, that would be fine.  Better would be a
>     transparent network connection Dell --> Hub --> iMac --> net.
>   - Is there anything special I need to know to create (on i386
>     Debian) a Mac bootable CD?
> Specs:
>     Dell i4k w Woody 3.0r2, Netgear 4 port hub, Linksys 100 Mbit PCCard
>     Blue & White iMac G3 ca. 350 Mhz running MacOS 8.x
I've found the easiest way to install is booting from the hard disk and
then doing a network install:


Good luck ;)


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