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Pointers for a ppc newbie?

Hi.  I've an iMac that's come to end of life for MacOS and I'm intent
on slapping Debian onto it.  At the moment, I'm bogging down in lack
of Mac knowledge.  If anyone can offer pointers as to how these things
can be done, I'd appreciate it.

  - How do I burn iso's in MacOS 8.x?  Do I need special software?  [I
    still need to find a burner I can use on the Mac, so this step is
    currently non-optimal.]

  - Failing that - the Mac is on a cable modem.  I have a burner on my
    Dell laptop.  What do I need to play with to get the mac talking
    to my laptop while both are plugged into a hub?  Basic LAN
    routing, yeah, but Apple networking's a fairly gray area for me.
    I'm running the stock Debian 2.4.18-1-686 kernel, so I assume
    there's a network driver module here that can talk Apple
    networking (aka, Appletalk?)?

    If I can at least dl iso's to the Mac, then cp them to the laptop
    and burn them there, that would be fine.  Better would be a
    transparent network connection Dell --> Hub --> iMac --> net.

  - Is there anything special I need to know to create (on i386
    Debian) a Mac bootable CD?


    Dell i4k w Woody 3.0r2, Netgear 4 port hub, Linksys 100 Mbit PCCard

    Blue & White iMac G3 ca. 350 Mhz running MacOS 8.x

Thanks, much appreciated.

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