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Re: pmud problem: No Sleep support on this hardware, exiting!

> OK; in the meantime I found out that stuff is missing in the OF
> properties. Next try: 817 bytes of a NVDA,BMP property which is also
> present in OF. No other large chunks of data visible from OF.

Hrm.. No clue what this can be.

Maybe, in the long term, beeing able to shell the "ndrv" in a special
runtime env. like ndiswrapper does for NDIS network drivers on x86
would be a solution, though I don't like it much...

That would involve writing a PEF loader, and implementing some of
the shared libs on which MacOS "ndrv"'s relies, that is not much
(you can look at Darwin code to get an idea of what is involved,
mostly device-tree manipulation, hooking on interrupts, and a
couple of other "utility" things).


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