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Re: Dual head on G4 Powerbook 400MHz

David Stanaway <david@stanaway.net> wrote:

> I am trying to get dual head, or even just CRT only use from the Rage
> 128 M3 on my TiBook without much luck.

The good news is, the problem is known; the bad news is, nobody is
working on it.

There was a patch for the 2.4 kernel, but it doesn't work on 2.6. On
2.4, you could also replace the prom_init.c file with the one from
2.4.20 and that would allow you to use m3mirror to enable the crt

Maybe it's possible to reuse prom_init.c from 2.4.20 with a 2.6
kernel, I haven't tried (yet).

The proper solution would be to add dualhead support to
aty128fb.c. (or pester BenH until he either writes the code or gives
us enough information to do it -- now that radeonfb is mostly fixed,
maybe we can get a chance ? ;)


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