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Re: Can I Install AND boot a new Kernel on an OldWorld PMac?

It can't be an XF86 configuration problem, since we've never gotten that
far.  The screen goes black as soon as BootX loads the new kernel, and
never returns.  I never see the scrolling text messages that Linux
usually displays while booting.


Rick Thomas wrote:
> I tell BootX to load the 2.4.18 kernel, make sure that the "use frame
> buffer video" and "force video mode" checkboxes are set, click the
> "Linux" button, and the screen goes black.  The disk makes its usual
> quiet "activity" noises -- so I assume that the boot process is
> progressing even though I can't see it, but the screen never returns.
> What can be wrong?
> Did you ever see anything like that?
> Rick

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