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Re: Can I Install AND boot a new Kernel on an OldWorld PMac?

It's worth a try, and I'll try it.

But I still think I've got problems once the kernel loads.  After all,
BootX can do that part OK, and quik isn't going to do anything more than
BootX does.  What explains the black screen?

I tell BootX to load the 2.4.18 kernel, make sure that the "use frame
buffer video" and "force video mode" checkboxes are set, click the
"Linux" button, and the screen goes black.  The disk makes its usual
quiet "activity" noises -- so I assume that the boot process is
progressing even though I can't see it, but the screen never returns. 
What can be wrong?

Did you ever see anything like that?


christian funk wrote:
> > So I'm stuck with BootX.
> >
> Nope! You may want to read my last post first, but the quick answer is:
> Make sure quik.conf configured right (no symlink etc.) and quik was run.
> Find out what the OF calls your IDE HDD (watch the , : change! x:y not
> x,y after the @)
> When in OS 9 use BootVar (http://penguinppc.org/projects/quik/) to set
> the boot-device to that. Restart should take you there.
> If you change between OS 9 and Linux often, I think you can save a
> config file for BootVars in OS 9. Use that to change the OF values
> quickly and use OF as a 'boot loader' instead of BootX :)
> Christian

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