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Re: mac-fdisk and 0x8e partitions for LVM


On  15 Jan, this message from Simon Vallet echoed through cyberspace:

> On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 12:43:26 -0200
> Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra <ldutra@prefeitura.sp.gov.br>
> wrote:
>> > You didn't answer my implied question: do you need to keep the
>> > Apple partition format, (f.e. because you need to keep MacOS on the
>> > machine)?
>> 	Yes, it is a beige Apple Power Macintosh G3 which does need
>> 	BootX. 

There is no problem at all keeping the Apple partition format for LVM. I
don't know why you had trouble, but it did work perfectly well for me.
Here is my setup:

piglet:~# cat /proc/lvm/global 
LVM driver LVM version 1.0.7(28/03/2003)

Total:  1 VG  1 PV  3 LVs (3 LVs open 3 times)

Global: 25057 bytes malloced   IOP version: 10   13:57:08 active

VG:  vg01  [1 PV, 3 LV/3 open]  PE Size: 4096 KB
  Usage [KB/PE]: 7307264 /1784 total  5218304 /1274 used  2088960 /510 free
  PV:  [AA] hda5                   7307264 /1784     5218304 /1274     2088960 /510   
    LVs: [AWDL  ] lv_testdrive               4194304 /1024     1x open
         [AWDL  ] lv_home                     512000 /125      1x open
         [AWDL  ] lv_local                    512000 /125      1x open

piglet:~# mac-fdisk /dev/hda 
Command (? for help): p
        #                    type name                 length   base     ( size )  system
dump: name /dev/hda len 8 
/dev/hda1     Apple_partition_map Apple                    63 @ 1        ( 31.5k)  Partition map
/dev/hda2         Apple_UNIX_SVR2 tmp                  204800 @ 64       (100.0M)  Linux native
/dev/hda3         Apple_UNIX_SVR2 swap                 204800 @ 204864   (100.0M)  Linux swap
/dev/hda4         Apple_UNIX_SVR2 usr                 4194304 @ 409664   (  2.0G)  Linux native
/dev/hda5         Apple_UNIX_SVR2 LVM-vg             14630752 @ 4603968  (  7.0G)  Linux native
/dev/hda6               Apple_HFS MOL-System           512000 @ 19234720 (250.0M)  HFS

Block size=512, Number of Blocks=19746720
DeviceType=0x0, DeviceId=0x0

Command (? for help): q

As you can see, this particular drive is an IDE drive. It is connected
to a Promise IDE controller in a 7600/G3/300. I.e, this drive is
invisible to MacOS. Therefore, I don't need the Apple driver partitions.
Nevertheless, I chose to use an Apple partition map (and not PC-style
partitions) because Apple's partitioning scheme is less braindamaged (no
logical partition within some primary partition etc..) and because it
allows block-size granularity by default when assigning partition sizes
(and not some legacy C/H/S size spec).

So, for LVM, try again, and make sure you follow some HOWTO so that you
do all the required steps to create the PV on the partition, and create
the VG with the PV in it. I don't remember exactly the commands I used
when creating mine...

>> > And, out of interest: how do you boot the oldworld G3? quik, or
>> > floppy boot?? Can quik do dual booting on such a box?
>> 	Would like to know, but I really would rather delete MacOS. 
>> 	Never
>> found a step-by-step guide to quik that would work here, will try
>> again later.
> Check your OF version -- If you have a Beige G3revII (OF 2.4) I might
> help you (writing this from a quik-booted Beige G3 :-). Otherwise, I
> think Michel Lanners did succeed to boot one revI G3 -- you'll need a
> modified version of quik's first.b though.

The modified first.b is at:




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