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Re: mac-fdisk and 0x8e partitions for LVM

> > That's what I meant by 'if it doesn't make sense, don't try'. I have no
> > references; Google may be your friend here, so might be the list
> > archives, but then, playing with this might be more trouble than you
> > bargained for.
> 	OK.  I will need this system pretty soon, so I will just do without LVM
> for now.
> 	Thanks anyway.
> 	What bothers me is, no one ever used LVM on the PowerPC?

Apparently not. Color yourself honored to be the first to try. As always
in that case, be prepared to get your hands dirty.

BTW: I bet nobody tried LVM on m68k, either. And I can imagine other archs
that haven't been used for LVM. Compared with ix86, pretty much anything
else is a fringe group.


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