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Re: ibook g4, no success with the radeon driver.

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 21:44, Chris Anderson wrote:
> I was under the impression having both the radeonfb driver and radeon
> driver loaded at the same time would cause a problem.


> Yes, X locks (and I get the ugly smearing effect) and I have to reboot.

Is that with DRI enabled? If so, is AGP working? You may need it.

> Sometimes files are corrupted when I check them after rebooting. This
> only seems to affect files that were accessed from within X however.

Filesystem corruption isn't unusual on hard lockups, and of course the
files last accessed are the most likely to get corrupted.

> Should I downgrade to the sid XFree86 or install the dri-drunk-sid
> packages over the experimental 4.3 server?

Doesn't matter.

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