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Re: Can I Install AND boot a new Kernel on an OldWorld PMac?

On Thursday 08 January 2004 12:24, somebody named christian funk inscribed 
this message:
> > - reboot zapping the PRAM and the press option-command-o-f to boot
> > into the OF, if it doesn't work try again, you want the OF settings
> > before MacOS touches them
> Carful! This is likely not to work if your box defaults it's input- and
> output-device to ttya. 

Indeed, you probably don't want to do this.  Macs (all of the pmac 7x00, 8x00, 
9x00 series, I think, correct me if there are exceptions) will default to 
using the modem port for input and output, rendering your machine unreachable 
unless you have a serial terminal.

>You'll need a two box setup to get the
> "original" nvram default settings. But then again you may not need
> them... you need the ones that work ;)

Well, no, what MacOS does on these boxen (I know, I'm typing from one) is to 
reset the nvram completely - patches, boot device, etc.  So all you need to 
do to get stuff reset is boot into MacOS. :^)  I think the values are the 
same as default (i.e., post reseting the pram) for the [7x00|8x00|9x00] 
boxen.  I think I heard someone say this is different for beige G3s?

Also, I assume you found the NetBSD Model Support page (linked from http://
penguinppc.org/projects/quik)?  I found the 'see also' section helpfull, 
click the 'What is OF and why do I care' link and scroll down - 'What can I 
do at the Open Firmware prompt?' and the corresponding Usefull Variables 
right after it are good things to have printed out once you get into OF.  I 
hope I'm not duplicating anything here, but I found it useful. :^)

Now just to be contrary (and sorry for jumping in this late :^) ), I got 
things to work fine with Apple's System Disk utility.  I basically followed 
the instructions at http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/macppc/SystemDisk-tutorial/ 
and it worked.  (That is, I got into OF and could manipulate anything else I 
needed to from there.)  And having said all that, I'm still using BootX. :^)  
I couldn't get quik to boot a 2.4 kernel, only the default 2.2 and I finally 
gave up.  Do keep everyone updated on progress, I'd dump BootX if I 
could. :^)

Some people around here wouldn't recognize subtlety if it hit them on the 

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