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Re: Can I Install AND boot a new Kernel on an OldWorld PMac?

On Wed, 7 Jan 2004 09:18:36 -0800
Brad Boyer <flar@allandria.com> wrote:

> If you want to boot MacOS without having to go into OF, you should
> be able to set the boot device to "/AAPL,ROM" with nvsetenv and
> the next boot will run the MacOS properly. The old LinuxPPC install
> used to have a script called macos that would use nvsetenv to change
> this and then reboot. A note of warning, tho. I'm not sure exactly
> what does it, but on my 7600 most of the PRAM and OF settings get
> changed back to what the MacOS wants during the boot process. This
> means you have to reapply patches and fix the settings every time
> you boot the MacOS. I never found a way around it. Even using
> 'bye' in OF didn't prevent the changes.
Oh, wasn't aware of that... it works fine on a Beige G3 -- booting into
MacOS also resets some settings (real-base), but those already are at
their default value.

(Sorry for the bounce you probably got -- Is there a way for me to tell
your MUA _not_ to CC me, even If you ask ? Would this 'X-No-CC' header
I often see help ?)


Simon Vallet
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