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Re: Can I Install AND boot a new Kernel on an OldWorld PMac?


On Wed, 7 Jan 2004 14:05:25 +0100
christian funk <c.funk@zweitform.de> wrote:

> I'm desperately trying to get oldworld powermacs to boot different 
> kernels (official images or custom). Yes plural, since I have several 
> oldworlds and am not sure exactly which kernels I will need.
> Can someone point me to a definitive HOWTO or thread in a mailing
> list? If not, any feedback on the below is very very welcome:
You may look at http://penguinppc.org/projects/quik/, and find the
correct settings for your OpenFirmware version there.
There has been quite a lot of booting-related messages on this list in
the past, so searching the archives may also help.

> Executing quik then has no effect (probably normal, 
> since quik leaves the nvram untouched, right?). Installing a fresh 
> Debian system enables to boot back into linux directly. Is there 
> another way to fix the nvram and/or pram after zapping it, so I can 
> boot directly to linux?
There is a utility to set OF vars from MacOS, but I can't remember the
name. With Linux, 'nvsetenv' will do the job 

> What seems strange, is that the original install process 
> writes a different quik.conf as quikconig. What writes the quik.config
> during a fresh install?
If your quik.conf is correct (man quik.conf ;-), and your OF settings
also (see above), evrything should run fine.

> Does anyone know how to get quik to work properly?
You will do soon :-)

Hope this helps,


Simon Vallet
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