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Re: keyboard!#%^&

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 04:12:57PM -0500, mmissett wrote:
> Chris,
>    Thanks for the last one.  I'll give that a try.  In 
> the meantime, though, I've created a new 
> problem, hopefully one with a simple answer 
> this time, though.  I have gotten startx to work by 
> telling reconfigure that the mouse is on tty0.  
> Gnome comes up nice as can be, but with the 
> mouse frozen.  And I can't get another terminal 
> with option-F2.  Which means I can't do 
> anything, including shut down properly.     So, I 
> now have the opposite problem: is there a way 
> on boot to interrupt it from _starting_ Xwindows?

It shouldn't start X unless you have a desktop manager installed like
kdm, gdm, or xdm. Since you've been using startx manually, I'm
surprised it starts automatically.

Option-F2 is not the right combination within X. The key combination
changes within X to Ctrl-Option-F2. Also Ctrl-Option-Backspace should
stop the X server. Depending on your keyboard, it could be Command
instead of Option in those combinations.

I think putting the mouse on tty0 is not going to work,
because it's not a serial mouse.

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