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Re: keyboard!#%^&

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 02:58:35PM -0500, mmissett wrote:
> Chris,
>  I decided to take your advice 
> and give apt-get another chance, following your 
> settings and recommendations and it worked 
> perfectly.  It really is a remarkable and 
> impressive phenomenon.
> Thanks.
> However, it didn't get startx to work, though, but 
> at least it gave me a different error message; 
> that xserver-xfree86 was not fully installed.  I did 
> an apt-get to rectify that situation, which it did,  
> then ran dpkg-reconfigure on it, which it did.  
> After all that I'm back to my same old error 
> message on startx again -- can find the mouse.  
> I've tried using (in /etc/X11/XF86Config) for 
> device: "/dev/usbmouse" (which I think is what 
> reconfigure did, does that sound right?)  Then 
> "usbmouse" (which is what was in there before 
> and worked) and then "/dev/input/mice".  None 
> of these work.  When using "/dev/input/mice" the 
> process points out -- correctly -- that there is no 
> such file.  This is the exact same problem I had 
> when I set up potato, which took forever to fix, I 
> can't believe I have to go through it all again.  My 
> recollection is that it was solved at that time with 
> "usbmouse", but that is not working now.  The 
> choices for mouse in reconfigure don't have 
> anything that really seems appropriate (like USB 
> mouse, for instance).  Sorry to be back to the 
> same old thing, but do you have any other 
> ideas?
> Mike
> P.S:  If I haven't said so far, it's a 3-button/wheel 
> Logitech USB mouse.

AFAIK, /dev/input/mice is the correct node for all powerpc mice.  You
might try

cd /dev
./MAKEDEV input

That should at least create the device. Hopefully, someone else will
weigh in.

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