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Re: Recommended Orinoco PCMCIA card?

In message <34C27D5E-2F48-11D8-886A-000A95A0485E@allthingscomputed.com>,
Barry Hawkins <ly5t5@allthingscomputed.com> wrote:
> 	It looks like the Proxim Orinoco wireless cards work well with
> 	those needing to avoid the Broadcom-based Airport Extreme
> 	cards in Apple portables.  Any recommendation or enlightenment
> 	on whether the Silver World card versus the Gold World card
> 	makes a difference regarding Linux use?

They should both work, but the silver supports only 40-bit WEP, while
the gold supports 104-bit WEP which is less weak.  Both should work
equally well if you're using non-WEP access points.

> Are folks getting
> 	802.11g throughput in addition to 802.11b?

Note that the "Orinoco" 802.11g cards are entirely different from the
802.11b cards.  The 802.11b versions are the same as the venerable
Lucent "WaveLAN IEEE", which is extremely well-supported and is the
same chipset as in the first-generation Apple Airport base stations
and cards.  The newer versions with a and g support use Atheros
chipsets, which do not have stable Linux drivers.

There are other chipsets that are supported under Linux for 802.11g;
do some searching.

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