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Re: Recommended Orinoco PCMCIA card?

On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 08:16, Barry Hawkins wrote:
> List,
> 	It looks like the Proxim Orinoco wireless cards work well with those 
> needing to avoid the Broadcom-based Airport Extreme cards in Apple 
> portables.  Any recommendation or enlightenment on whether the Silver 
> World card versus the Gold World card makes a difference regarding 
> Linux use?  Are folks getting 802.11g throughput in addition to 
> 802.11b?  Thanks in advance for the info.

There used to be a trick where if you stuck a cheaper Silver (40-bit
WEP) card into your Airport slot, OS X would firmware upgrade the card
on bootup to the Airport firmware (Gold; 8.12 AFAIK, which supports
128-bit WEP).

The cards are essentially /exactly/ the same, minus the firmware.

I assume this still works.



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