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Re: DVD Playing on iBook 2.2

On 15/12/2003 at 11:24, Vincent Bernat wrote:

> The only drawback with ALSA is that you need to unload them before
> sleep. This can be tricky sometimes but there are some working methods
> that have been posted on this list (using apm.d scripts with PMU or
> altering modules.conf to avoid automatic load of ALSA).

Not with 2.6.

I've been using BenH's 2.6.0-test11 and the only issues with alsa that
I've noticed are the one that's workarounded unloading and reloading
i2c-keywest before loading snd-powermac; and the volume wrong settings
when you plug/unplug headphones [*]. No big deal at all.

And I can sleep/resume my 2.3 G3 iBook without unloading alsa modules at

[*] volume levels gets "fixed" issuing setmixer `cat /etc/setmixer.conf`.
I store my default mixer values in /etc/setmixer.conf (apt-get install
setmixer && man setmixer for details) and I have that command mapped to
right button in gkrellm-volume panel.


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