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Re: ibook G4 - opinion

The machine looks good, but until its hardware is fully supported you
will have to endure some lack of features, like power management.

Currenly I'm trying to run X, and meanwhile I use panther to do the
graphic thing... browsing the web or DVD playing.

I use to run emacs on console and compile things, some translations here
and there (GNOME and other stuff). I know that when I can startx,
probably I'll wipeout Panther from the disk.

Airport Extreme is not supported in linux, so I didn't buy it. Bluetooth
module I think it supported, but due I don't use any BT devide I cannot
test it.

Anoter thing, it runs hotter than a G3 ibook. 
El lun, 15-12-2003 a las 19:49, Fagner Gonçalves escribió:
> 	Hi Francisco,
> 	I need buy a laptop computer and I decide to buy a iBook G4.
> 	But I don't have a really opinion about this machine, like memory,
> processor and the applications to running on linux/mac.
> 	Can you help me ?
> 	This computer is only to edit documents, connect to internet and
> make little graphics.
> 	Linux support is essential. Do you have problems to configure
> linux in our notebook?
> 	Please send a complete description of our laptop, and the main use of this.
> 	thanks
> 	fagner.
> Fagner Gonçalves

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