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Re: DVD Playing on iBook 2.2

OoO En cette fin de matinée radieuse du lundi 15 décembre 2003, vers
11:06, "Pisupati, Ajay" <ajay.pisupati@pw.utc.com> disait:

> I haven't ventured into ALSA territory on my iBook yet.  I keep reading on
> the list that a lot of people still have problems getting it to work
> properly. so I stayed off it (and I might do that for a little while yet). 
> I was thinking that 2.6 might be better w/ preempt, but from this mornings
> 2.6 howto, it looks like that's still not running yet either.  

The only drawback with ALSA is that you need to unload them before
sleep. This can be tricky sometimes but there are some working methods
that have been posted on this list (using apm.d scripts with PMU or
altering modules.conf to avoid automatic load of ALSA).

> I am running whatever X server is currently in unstable (at least I tnink I
> am :) ).

I don't know if it will change something but you can try Michel
Daenzer's X server.
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