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[Powerbook] No init Found. Try passing init= option to kernel

Hi All,

I have a new Powerbook 15" 1.25 Ghz (bye bye Sony R505) and my natural
choice was Debian :)
I managed to install Debian unstable with X, sound, etc etc...
Everything is working -no Airport Extreme... :( -
All of my partitions are in ext3 (more stable... well I am not pretty sure
right now)
All of my kernels have support for ext3 compiled.
Well, I was making an apt-get upgrade when suddenly the system starts making
weird things... (when I try to log in other terminal, the init process tell
me that getty was respanwing to fast)
So I reboot the machine, and right now I am unable to boot the system.
I checked the root filesystem with Knoppix-MIB and is OK without any error,
I can mount and read all the data is there.
My fstab is correct
I try passing to kernel init=/bin/bash and root=/dev/hda6 with no success
All the data appears to be intact.
I have 4 differents kernel Images (2.4.22-benh and 2.6.0-test11-benh)
installed and all makes the same
I suspected init corruption, so I copy the /sbin/init from the image of
Knoppix and nothing happens
Any clue, any idea?
Has anyone an boot rescue ISO image?
I was trying to make an chroot with Knoppix MIB and I get /bin/sh No such

Thanks in advance

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