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Sonnet Crescendo G4 500MHz Upgrade for G3 Wallstreet


I was thinking about getting a Sonnet Crescendo G4 500MHz Upgrade for my G3
Wallstreet...... Does anyone on this list know if this upgrade will cause
any problems for me in linux?

Right now I am running only MacOS 9.2.2 .. but would like to run linux as my
main OS, with MOL to take care of my mac apps.... i was hoping that a
speedier processor would help make the MOL experience a little more like the
performance in MacOS itself...

Issues that I am most concerned about in regards to the CPU upgrade are:

Power Management / Sleep
Enabling of the upgrade's 1Mb cache
Battery Life
and overall stability

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated -- Even though a new computer
would be nice, for $330 a CPU that is 2X my current one would be even better
- epsecialy if it works well in linux.

Thanks in advance,


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