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Re: XFree86 on Albook 15"?

On 13/12/2003, at 11:14 PM, Ryan Verner wrote:
I've just done a 2.6.0-test11 compile (from the rsync tree you gave me), and still no luck :-( Exactly the same issues as before, even with your

As a followup, my config/output files for the 2.6 run are here:

dmesg: http://www.computeraddictions.com.au/tmp/albook/2.6/dmesg.txt
XFree86 output: http://www.computeraddictions.com.au/tmp/albook/2.6/xfree86.txt
XF86Config is exactly as Colin had
and my 2.6 .config: http://www.computeraddictions.com.au/tmp/albook/2.6/config.txt

Again, any ideas/input are greatly welcomed. I suspect this isn't as powerpc issue as much as it's a Radeon 9600 issue. I don't really know, though :-(


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