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Problems booting 2.6.0 on CHRP machines?


Has anyone has any success getting a 2.6.0 kernel to boot on a CHRP
RS/6000 (in my case a F50)?

I've been running debian on a F50 for a while now, and my booting takes
the form of :
1) compile kernel to a zImage and burn this onto a CD (or floppy)
2) boot F50, press F8 to get to prompt
3) boot cdrom:\linux.bin root=/dev/sdb1

And the system will boot.  I never managed to get yaboot to work, hence
I'm still using this method, which works fine for 2.4.x kernels.

However when I try the same method with 2.6.0 (current ppc rsync from
source.mvista) the boot command returns with :
CLAIM failed

Now this could easily be a kernel option I'm missing when compiling, or
similar.  Any ideas?

Please advise,
Cheers Rich Wale.
Richard Wale <richard_wale@yahoo.co.uk>

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