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Re: minor sound issues on iBook with 2.6.0-test11

On 09/12/2003 at 11:06, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> I noticed the same problem with Alsa, didn't dig into it yet.

Hi Ben, thanks for answering.

As I said (in the subject) it is a minor problem. And with the
workaround Joe pointed me, it works fine.

> I'm afraid we never re-implemented the speaker beep hack in 2.6 ...

OK, that's all I needed to know (at least to stop testing... ;-).

No big deal, I have a little shellscript that beeps on certain events, I
will replace the beep with some sort of playing a sound file).

Thanks again for answering, and above all, thanks *A LOT* for you
fantastic work with the kernel.

Best regards


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