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Re: Getting a cursor in console

On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 11:45:02PM -0500, Harvey Ussery wrote:
> I installed DebianPPC3.0(Woody) on an 800Mhz iMac 17"LCD. When working 
> in Debian in a console, either from the command line or within a text 
> editor (nano), I don't have a cursor marking the point of input. This is 
> a little disconcerting, especially in those contexts where the presence 
> or absence of white space is critical.
> How can I configure my console so that the point-of-input cursor will 
> always be present?


the cursor might be set to the same color as the background and
is therefore invisible or simply set to invisible mode. To make the 
cursor non-blinking, visible and white enter

 echo -e '\033[?17;0;500c'

If this helps take a look at the kernel documentation for details, 
the relevant part is "Software cursor for vga" (file VGA-softcursor.txt)

Hope this helps. If not, please report back what graphic card you're 
using and whether you're using a console framebuffer (tux up in the
corner during boot ;-) )

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