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Re: minor sound issues on iBook with 2.6.0-test11

> On system boot, alsa is started without any error; but when I try to
> play any sound, no sound at all comes out from the laptop: I launch play
> somefile.wav and it gives no errors at all complaining about devices or
> anything, it just does not make any sound at all.

I noticed the same problem with Alsa, didn't dig into it yet.

> 2.- speaker beep
> With 2.4.*, I could use the speaker beep (it was "emulated" with
> dmasound_pmac, I guess). With 2.6 it does not work. When I run beep or I
> try to make the tty console to issue it's beep, no sound is played (I
> don't get any error, but neither any beep).
> I've tried with pcspkr compiled in the kernel or as a module (loaded or
> unloaded). I also have tried it stopping alsa and loading dmasound_pmac
> (with pcspkr module loaded and unloaded).
> I've been unsuccessful. Does it work for anyone here?

I'm afraid we never re-implemented the speaker beep hack in 2.6 ...


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