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Re: Problems with X on my Titanium PB

On Sat, 25 Oct 2003 23:24:46 -0700
Johnathon Jamison <jjamison@cs.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> It seems that everyone who is running Debian on a TiBook is running
> sid.   Should I be as well?  If yes, how do I switch?  Pardon my
> asking, but I have not used Debian before this install this week.

You might want to run testing instead of sid (which is the codename for
unstable).  Testing isn't as up-to-date as unstable (packages are
normally delayed for ten days, assuming no major bugs are found), but
it's more stable.

To upgrade, simply change "stable" to "testing" (or "unstable") in
then do "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade".

For more info about testing, see this:

For more info about Debian, you should read a few of the docs here:

- Graham

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