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Re: Can no longer boot into Mac OS

I have never had cmd-opt-p-r work for resetting the pram. Nor does booting into OF and executing 'reset-nvram ; set-defaults ; reset-all'. I know because PT LE 6.0 won't boot with my mbox (in OSX) and the error it returns is that my date/time is off (it is set by NTP) and I must reset my pram.

Nathan Sprangers wrote:

Thomas Carlson wrote:

Thanks for the help, Chris. Actually, resetting Open Firmware involved more than just holding down Cmd-Opt-P-R at startup. I had to open the machine (no easy task on a PM 9500), remove the pram battery, and leave it all sit for 12 hours or so. After I put everything back together it booted right into my Mac partition. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, though.


May I ask why it had to sit for 12 hours? I would have thought that holding down cmd-opt-p-r through three chimes would be sufficient.

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