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Re: Problems with Totem under Gnome/DebianPPC

Ravanando nella posta ho trovato il messaggio di Lucas Moulin:
> I guess you have to install two things : libdvdread3 and then execute
> the script included in /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples called
> installcss.sh . Due to license issues, Debian can't distribute this one,
> and it's needed to play encrypted DVDs, which most are.

Thank you very much Lucas. I had to run the script (that downloads some
libs from an external site) and now the (obviously encripted) DVD is played
"fine" under Totem. The only problem is that I can't get any gtk-based
application (included Totem) to play sounds. What I mean is that, once 
I resolved the typical /dev/dsp problem, Xmms and ogg123 work fine, 
while Totem, Evolution etc are muted. 
I suppose this problem is soeway related with
the startup message I get "Can't open /dev/sound/mixer"...
Thanks again

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