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Problems with Totem under Gnome/DebianPPC

Hi everybody,
I recently surrendered to the temptations of Gnome, and beginned to play
around with multimedia. At the moment I'm trying to play DVDs with my
iBook 2 (Region 2 DVDs, to be precise).
As Bastien Nocera suggested in a previous message on this list I've
apt-get update
apt-get install totem libdvdcss2
(I'm on a testing/unstable)
But what I get from totem is:
1) An error occurred: can't read the movie "/dev/hdb" (first popup)
2) Totem could not play "dvd:/". Can't open the movie. (second popup)

Then, if I create a symbolic link from /dev/hdb to /dev/dvd and press
"play" I get

3) Totem could not play "dvd:/". Can't find a suitable plugin.

Is it really a plugin problem? Where can I find the plugin to play DVDs?
Thanks in advance,

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