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Re: Problems with Totem under Gnome/DebianPPC

On sam, oct 04 23:02 
Stefano Barale <stefano.barale@kweb.it> wrote :


> But what I get from totem is:
> 1) An error occurred: can't read the movie "/dev/hdb" (first popup)
> 2) Totem could not play "dvd:/". Can't open the movie. (second popup)
> Then, if I create a symbolic link from /dev/hdb to /dev/dvd and press
> "play" I get
> 3) Totem could not play "dvd:/". Can't find a suitable plugin.

I guess you have to install two things : libdvdread3 and then execute
the script included in /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples called
installcss.sh . Due to license issues, Debian can't distribute this one,
and it's needed to play encrypted DVDs, which most are.

Lucas Moulin

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