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Re: Measuring latency on my Apple G3

Michel Dänzer escribio el 22/07/03 02:22:
Probably a GTK bug, not related to this thread.

I know, I know... ;)

Which isn't very surprising, as they can use parts of the graphics chip
that we don't have specs for, for one.

Sure. Only I remember having installed Mandrake 9.1, and I think video performance was somewhat better. Maybe I am wrong and memory cheats...

Beware that at least the low latency patch needs fiddling with
arch/ppc/config.in to actually be enabled (check with grep LOLAT
.config), and that the preempt patch (which I assume you mean by R.
Love's) actually made things worse for me when I tried it on PPC a while
ago. This may have been fixed in the meantime though.

You're right! First line in the patch file says:

arch/i386/config.in         |    3 +

So the patch to the config.in file is only applied automatically for the i386 architecture. Indeed CONFIG_LOLAT_SYSCTL was not in my .config, so should I paste this manually into arch/ppc/config.in? Would this be enough?

And about the preempt, patch, well, it seems I still have enough tests to perform so I can spend my holydays safely.


IJLUW (indeed, just like using Windows!) ;)

Regards, Ismael

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