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Re: Measuring latency on my Apple G3

Michel Dänzer escribio el 21/07/03 13:09:
First of all, you mentioned in another post that you use x11perf to
create X11 stress. Are there also problems with real world apps?

"Real world" apps work properly (except for the Gnome theme manager which displays garbage). I only find video performance using Linux a lot lower than using any of the Mac OS's.

Also keep in mind that neither the vanilla 2.4 kernel nor the X server
were designed for low latency. Have you tried the low latency and/or
O(1) scheduler kernel patches, and not running the X server with
negative nice values if you are?

Both of those patches (A. Morton and R. Love's ones) were applied to my kernel. I don't know about running the X server with different nice values, which advantage would I get? (I am using gdm as my X session manager).

Last but possibly not least of all, the dmasound driver has been less
prone to dropouts in my experience than the ALSA driver.

I should try with pure OSS. Let's not forget that the latency test suite is using the OSS compatibility layer of ALSA.

Thanks a lot. Any feedback is still very useful.

Regards, Ismael

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