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Re: Inexistent modem device in 2.4.21-powerpc FireWire iBook?

On 18/07/2003 at 22:08, Sven Luther wrote:

> Well, but if you don t want to have it loaded next time, remove them
> from /etc/modules.

In fact, /etc/modules just specifies the modules that will be loaded
when system boots. A module not appearing there does not mean it will
not be loaded when system boots; it might be loaded by a daemon (usb
modules are usually loaded by hotplug) or by the kernel itself when
detecting access to a device that's configured to be handled by that
specific module (the nic driver is a typical example).

If you want to prevent a module from being loaded anytime, the right way
is to put an alias in /etc/modutils/something like: 'alias lp off' and
then do 'update-modules'.

If you delete the module from /lib/modules/... it will sure not be
loaded anymore, but you will get errors in syslog (and you are not
suposed to delete by hand files that are managed by debian packaging
system, if the kernel is installed as a package).


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