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Re: Kernel warning messages when insmodding unix.o

> Well, init is /bin/sh in this scenario, so you're saying the warnings
> also appear if you don't type anything at the shell prompt? If not, the
> idea is to start the /etc/rcS.d/S* scripts one by one and notice after
> which one(s) the warnings appear.

Exactly. In fact, the unix.o warnings are printed before the init shell prompt 
and the mousedev warnings just after. But I don't type anything. It seems 
that these warnings are not coming from the rcS.d scripts.

> > I get another complaint with hid.o and a missing mousedev module (which
> > makes sense because moudev.o is only for PS/2 mice, I believe; however,
> > before init starts there's a log "mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all
> > mice").
> Which doesn't sound like it's only for PS/2 mice, does it? :)

Actually, I find the log confusing. But perhaps that's because the mousedev 
module is not currently built for Debian PPC kernels, and I'm looking for 
some reason that it's getting modprobed.

> The input related module(s) could be loaded by something like hotplug.

The /etc/init.d/hotplug script hasn't been run at this point. Though I think 
that the kernel might call /sbin/hotplug when it gets a hotplug event, though 
it only loads hid at this point, not all the unix.o module (I'd guess).

> > So I checked to see which modules are loaded. lsmod returned with this:
> >
> > Module                  Size  Used by
> > hid                    20660   0  (unused)
> > unix                   17424   0  (autoclean)
> >
> > So both of the loaded modules had a problem loading.
> Well, AFAICT the warnings basically say that the modules are already
> loaded. Just a cosmetic problem.

Really? To me it seems that unix.o can't be loaded because it expects /proc to 
be mounted and there's some modprobe connection between the hid module and 
the non-existant mousedev module. Though the problems do seem cosmetic.

> BTW, are either of these in /etc/modules ?

No. The only (non-comment) is dmasound_pmac which is loaded by 
init.d/modutils, though i2c-core seems to get loaded by this script as well. 
I think that /etc/modules is only read when the rcS scripts are run.


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