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Kernel warning messages when insmodding unix.o

I've been getting these warning messages on boot for a while. I get them with 
stock kernel-images 2.4.19-2 and 2.4.20-4. The system boots fine, so the 
warnings seem harmless, but I'd prefer they weren't there.

insmod: /lib/modules/2.4.20-powerpc/kernel/net/unix/unix.o Cannot open 
/proc/ksyms No such file or directory
insmod:insmod:a module named unix already exists
insmod:insmod:Cannot open /proc/ksyms No such file or directory
insmod:insmod:insmod net-pf-1 failed

After boot, lsmod shows 'unix' is loaded. Perhaps two different scripts are 
trying to load the same module?

Any ideas are appriciated.


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