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Re: Apple PowerMac G5

On Wed, 02 Jul 2003 07:10:27 -0400, Fred Heitkamp wrote:

> Supposedly OS/2 for PowerPC was so slow and buggy, IBM did
> not want to release it.  (I think I read that somewhere.)

	I can understand that, as OS/2 began its life as protected-mode PC-DOS

	But the only excuse for not fixing it is lack of focus.  PS/2 was not
important enough for IBM.

> I think IBM and Apple were working on a next generation OS.
> Wasn't it called Pink or something.

	There was also Taligent, and then there was Copeland... in the end it was
incredibly stupid to do something not POSIX.  Heck, even Jobs himself used

> I'm seriously considering getting a G5 when they're
> widely available and the bugs seem to be worked out.

	I'd love to... but what about following someone's suggestion about
shipping your unit to BenH first so the bugs get worked out?

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