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Re: Apple PowerMac G5

On Mon, 30 Jun 2003 08:43:36 +0200, Sven Luther wrote:

> No, If there are third party products with the complexe situation of the
> current ppc northbridges, then there will be G5 motherboard if there is
> a good quality and easily available G5 northbridge.

	I see... my sceptcism just got a little bit smaller...

>> 	I wonder why they never did before... but then I wonder why they
>> never released OS/2 PowerPC and the PowerPS/2 systems, why they never
>> released IBM Macintoshes, and so on and so on... I guess they are so
>> slow-moving -- just see how long POP was in coming -- that when finally
>> comes decision time the opportunity window has closed.  Perhaps because MS
>> has already filled the market with an inferior, but available, product.
> Because winbond failed them

	I guess here you are referring to POP... but why-oh-why would
IBM rely on a single, outside vendor for a platform initiative?  Lack
of focus, and that is what has always killed IBM against MS.

> because Apple stopped the clone market

	After IBM failed to bring a product to the market...

	I mean, it would be much harder to Jobs argue the failure of
the Mac clone if IBM was there... but why IBM would succeed with the
Mac clone where it failed with its own PowerPC OS/2.

> because linux was not yet there back then

	At the time of the Mac clone and PowerPC OS/2 fiascos
GNU/Linux wasn't a factor, and MS dominance wasn't as absolute as now.

> There were plans for macos
> IBM boxes back then, alongside OS/2, WinNT and others, but this never
> happened. The situation has changed today though.

	I hope!  But no more than that.

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