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Re: powerbook 17" install

Am Mit, 2003-07-02 um 03.32 schrieb Brendan J Simon:
> Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> >Am Die, 2003-07-01 um 14.43 schrieb Brendan J Simon:
> >  
> >
> >BTW the hardware detecting part is currently reworked to use discover2
> >which will play nicer with 2.4 kernels.
> >
> I assume I am using this new feature as I only dowloaded the images last 
> night.
> How can I tell?
> If not, how can I use this new feature?
It isn't in any image now. The discover2 packages are not ready for
inclusion. As far as you don't have any device needed for the
installation, that has no support in the installation kernel, simply
skip the hardware detection step. 
I updated the installation images last night. You can download new
images if you don't already have them.


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