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Re: powerbook 17" install

Am Die, 2003-07-01 um 14.43 schrieb Brendan J Simon:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to install debian on a new 1GHz Apple Powerbook.  I tried the 
> new installer at the address suggested below by Jens.  It works much 
> better but still has some problems.  I managed to copy the kernel, 
> net-initrd image and yaboot files to my macosx partition and booted the 
> installer via yaboot via openfirmware.  It detects my hard disk fine and 
> collects it's IP info via DHCP.  But it has problems during the "Detect 
> hardware and load kernel drivers for it (full version)".  I get errors 
> such like:
> Detecting HW and loading kernel modules'Linux IDE Driver'
> Do you want to load the missing module from a drivers floppy?
> A driver floppy is a ext2 floppy with one file modules.tgz ......
> Ofcourse my Mac does not have a floppy :)  Am I missing some files or is 
> it a bug in the installer ???
In this step the installer tries to detect additional hardware, which is
not supported by the kernel and to load kernel modules for it. Since
probably all drivers needed for installing are included in the kernel,
you can simply press return and not use any "drivers floppys" (obviously
since you don't even have a floppy drive).

BTW the hardware detecting part is currently reworked to use discover2
which will play nicer with 2.4 kernels.


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