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Re: Open Firmware gurus?

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 06:30:46PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> > > I found the script to alter boot-floppies. My oldworld
> > > powerbook (wallstreet) now boots. But it would be nice
> > > to get it booting off the internal internal drive.
> > > When I do ofpath from Linux, it says
> > > /pci/mac-io/ata0/ata-disk@0:2 for the device path of
> > > /dev/hda2, my root partition, but that is not working
> > > as a boot device from OF. 
> > 
> > As far as I know, the 'boot-device' setting doesn't care about the
> > partition number, it just wants your device, i.e. 
> > "/pci/mac-io/ata0/disk@0,0" , if that's what you get from OF
> > (maybe try "@0:0" also ?)
> 0:0 is the good one. However 0:2 can work also. 

in fact it depends on the machine.  some versions of Apple OF
(particularly 1.0.5) will NOT boot from a specific partition, they
only accept partition 0 which really means to boot from the first
partition flagged bootable.

otoh some models won't boot from partition 0, and require an explicit
partition number.

> > On the other hand, the 'boot-file' setting requires the root partition
> > and the path to the kernel, but you can usually just put the label you
> > defined in quik.conf (e.g. 'Linux'). 
> Yes, this should work reliably. quik seems to like getting its 
> settings from the config file better than from OF.

generally you shouldn't need boot-file at all, but on some versions of
OF some sort of garbage ends up getting passed to quik which will
confuse it, so you need to set boot-file to something, the default
label name is sufficent, you don't need to specify a kernel or

and on some models you need to set boot-file to something, but its
never seen by quik anyway (beige g3s tend to be this way).

> > If that doesn't work, you should
> > try filling in the full path : e.g.
> > "/pci/mac-io/ata0/disk@0,2/boot/vmlinux" 
> > (or maybe "/pci/mac-io/ata0/disk@0:2/boot/vmlinux")

not in boot-device.  boot-file maybe (if quik gets confused and isn't
able to load its config).

> > > I've tried manually
> > > exploring the device tree, and it seems like that
> > > device path just does not exist there to OF (ver.
> > > 2.0.1, btw). For example, I do a 'dev
> > > /pci/mac-io/ata0', then I ls that, and only
> > > /ata0@20000/disk@0,0 are there. 
> > 
> > that's your device, right ?
> > 
> > > pwd shows I'm on the
> > > pci bus:
> > >  /pci@80000000/mac-io@10/ata0@20000/disk@0,0
> > 
> > and that's the full path... i don't get the issue

you need to delete that ,0 when using this path.

> The significant change (error in ofpath output) is
> s/ata-disk/disk/. So I think if you set boot-device to
> /pci/mac-io/ata0/disk@0:0
> it will work.

possibly yes, ofpath on oldworld for the most part just checks your
model and dumps the content of the relevant alias.  i hope to improve
this later.

Ethan Benson

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