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Re: sound

> i can't hear any music cd, not with xmms (the proper plugin is installed),
> not with kscd.

You won't hear any sound with kscd on Apple PPC hardware. kscd assumes that 
the CD drive is directly connected to the sound card, which it's not on Apple 
hardware. I assume that you have the xmms-cdread package installed to read 
the CDs. Do you have the xmmsarts package installed? And properly configured? 
If so, you'll hear static on woody (on PPC). It's fixed on sid and sarge 

> i have disable arts. (if i don't do this, i can't hear xmms)

The fact that you can't hear xmms with arts enabled means that you don't have 
xmmsarts configured. How do you disable arts?

> my konsole make no sound (it souposed to beep)(just when i log as root)
> the users are in cdrom and audio groups.

The fact that konsole makes sound as root is normally a sign that the groups 
are wrong. In this case I imagine you disabled arts as your user, but not as 

> If in my kde session i mount a cd, dvd, or try to play a music cd, when i
> logout i can hear the kde logout sound. if i don't do anythig with cd
> cdrom, when i logout i can't hear anysound.

This is wierd, and may be a bug in KDE where the preference to not use arts is 
being ignored sometimes. But it shouldn't matter in your case.

> Any ideas to can hear music-cd?

The only way to (graphically) listen to CD music in KDE (which uses arts) is 
to use xmms with the xmms-cdread and xmmsarts plugins. But, on woody, the 
sound is corrupted. It's OK on sarge, and you should be able to compile 
xmmsarts for woody.

> how can i get sound in my konsole?

Enable arts on startup. In the Kontrol Center, under audio system, you should 
be able to enable arts.

> why if i mount a cd or somthig like that i can hear the logout sound?

No clue.


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