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Re: Open Firmware gurus?

No guru, but maybe some help :-)

> I found the script to alter boot-floppies. My oldworld
> powerbook (wallstreet) now boots. But it would be nice
> to get it booting off the internal internal drive.
> When I do ofpath from Linux, it says
> /pci/mac-io/ata0/ata-disk@0:2 for the device path of
> /dev/hda2, my root partition, but that is not working
> as a boot device from OF. 

As far as I know, the 'boot-device' setting doesn't care about the
partition number, it just wants your device, i.e. 
"/pci/mac-io/ata0/disk@0,0" , if that's what you get from OF
(maybe try "@0:0" also ?)

On the other hand, the 'boot-file' setting requires the root partition
and the path to the kernel, but you can usually just put the label you
defined in quik.conf (e.g. 'Linux'). If that doesn't work, you should
try filling in the full path : e.g.
(or maybe "/pci/mac-io/ata0/disk@0:2/boot/vmlinux")

> I've tried manually
> exploring the device tree, and it seems like that
> device path just does not exist there to OF (ver.
> 2.0.1, btw). For example, I do a 'dev
> /pci/mac-io/ata0', then I ls that, and only
> /ata0@20000/disk@0,0 are there. 

that's your device, right ?

> pwd shows I'm on the
> pci bus:
>  /pci@80000000/mac-io@10/ata0@20000/disk@0,0

and that's the full path... i don't get the issue

Simon Vallet
Institut National Agronomique de Paris-Grignon

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